Once upon a time, I had rad hair. I miss it, though I don’t necessarily regret the choice to dye it back to a “normal” color? It’s funny, I honestly didn’t like a lot of the attention I got, especially the comments along the lines of “GEE I BET THAT GETS YOU A LOT OF ATTENTION” which were usually passive-aggressive snipes from older people who apparently felt I was trying to show off/be rebellious/be an attention whore. To be fair, I also work at an antique store and was thus not what people were expecting.

I don’t love attention, I just love bright colors. That was a bit of a problem. It’s also a problem that I am getting SO BORED with my hair right now. I was tempted for a while to try going all platinum, but the upkeep for that is intense and I don’t want to accidentally destroy my hair in the process. Which would likely happen, because I don’t have the money to go and get it done at a salon (most salons won’t take you down to platinum in one go anyway because it’s ~bad for your hair~ and they don’t want you to get mad at them if it becomes fried).

I’m compromising and I’m going to bleach some chunks of hair at the front. I should be able to keep up with the roots myself that way. I have a toner by Directions that aims to tone hair to silver/grayish rather than platinum, which I’m pretty excited to try, and lined up after that I grabbed Blue Mayhem by SFX.

Blue Mayhem is a really gorgeous true blue BUT most people have also commented that it washes out quickly. That’s true of pretty much all blues/greens but apparently it’s especially bad with this one. But it’s so color crayon, superman blue!! I figure if I have to reapply it frequently, it won’t be much of a problem doing it with just a few chunks of hair.

Anyway. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to have ~alternative~ hair this time, given that being an adult requires me to have hair and clothing in various shades of brown, but I’m still excited.

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